25 Mar 2020

India joins coronavirus lockdown, WHO warns US: Live updates


  • India's "total lockdown" began at midnight (12:30 am IST on Tuesday) and will continue for 21 days. 

  • India in 21-day lockdown, while WHO warns US's escalating outbreak could become next global epicentre for COVID-19.

  • India's 1.3 billion people have joined the global lockdown triggered by the coronavirus, as the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed concern at the acceleration of the pandemic in the United States and Italy recorded another large increase in deaths from COVID-19.

  • In Italy, where more people have died than anywhere else in the world, the death toll rose to 6,820.

  • The WHO has warned the United States, the country with the most cases after China and Italy, risked becoming the next epicentre of the outbreak as the country's President Donald Trump, insisted the country could be back to work in three weeks.