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A pre-requisite of being one of the most flourishing  Civil Services and  CA Institute  takes special care about the all round nurturing and development of the students, especially those who are staying away from home. We have implemented a unique system of student mentoring that divide the students into groups and assigns a specific faculty member to them as their mentor. The mentors not only help their respective wards academically but also support and advise them in their daily life as and when required. Acting as their local guardian, the mentors are like a reassuring hand on the shoulder. We understand that the students are going through a vital age where constant advise, encouragement and consolation is beneficial to the building of their character and moral fiber. The mentoring system offers them that.

Meaning of Education

An ignorant person does not know himself. A learned man is stupid for he knows only from books and not from his experiences. Education helps understanding that happens through self-observation. Our present education system helps us to get employment and earn money. True education helps us to understand our conflict, to understand the stupid ways of our mind, to end our hurt, and thus learn to optimise life and not be a victim to situations.

True education enables you to be not a submissive person or a doormat in your office. Learn to be creative. Learn to grow in your life. Watch your mind deceiving you and then the mind will learn to be creative. Education is just not for giving you livelihood but giving you the art of living wholly and joyously.

Concepts of Education

Central to any philosophy of education is one’s understanding of the human person. Human beings are created by God to know themselves, the created order, and their Creator. They are endowed with natural faculties that empower them—to the extent they are able—to grasp the true, the good, and the beautiful. Truth is the proper object of the human mind. The very possibility of education is based upon the confidence we can have of coming to know the truth. But simply knowing the truth is not sufficient. The one who encounters the truth recognizes the vital connection between acknowledging the truth with one’s mind and choosing the good through the exercise of one’s will. Knowing the truth, willing the good, and apprehending the beautiful lead to true human happiness.

Aims of Education

Education must have clear aims and objectives, in view. An aim is predetermined goal which inspires the individual to attain it through appropriate activities. Educational aims are necessary in giving direction to educational activity.

Vocational efficiency Education should prepare the child to earn his livelihood and make him self- sufficient and efficient economically and socially.

Harmonious Personality Development Harmonious cultivation of the physical, intellectual, emotional, mental, moral character, spiritual aspects of human development thus a well balanced personality development will take place with education.  Self-realization Education should help a person based on his potentialities what he is going to become. Cultural Development Cultural development, if attained it gives refinement, aesthetic sense, concern and respect for others and their culture.

        The child has to be educated to become good citizen of his country.He should be beneficial to the society.

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