Internal Complaint Committee

Internal Complaint Committee

Who can file a complaint?

Any aggrieved woman (Faculty, Staff, and Students) of Vedha Institute for CA and Civil Service Studies Pvt. Ltd. as well as any woman residing in the campus or visiting the campus, can lodge a complaint with the Internal Complaints Committee. In case the Complainant is physically or mentally incapable to file a complaint, then any of the following persons can file a complaint on her behalf, with the written consent of the aggrieved woman:

  • Complainant’s relative

  • Complainant’s friend

  • Co-worker

  • Any person who has knowledge of the incident.

Whom to approach?

The complainant can communicate over phone or e-mail directly with the presiding officer or any other members of the ICC. For further inquiry, a formal complaint is to be filed.

How to file a complaint?

A formal written complaint should be filed by the aggrieved woman within 90 days of the occurrence of the incident about which the complaint is being filed either as

  • E-Mail to    or

  • Hard copy to the Presiding Officer of the committee.

The ICC members will make inquiry, address the issue and prepare a report within 60 days of filing the complaint.

What should be the complaint’s content?

The written complaint should contain:

  • Detailed description of the incident

  • Relevant date, time and location where the incident occurred.

  • Name and contact information of the accused (if available)

  • Name and contact information of the witness (if any)

* All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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