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20 Jan 2020

Civil Services Training Academy

LBSNAA LogoLal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration

The total training period for the IAS after joining LBSNAA is 2 years.

This is divided as follows:

  1. Foundation Course: This lasts about 3 months from August to December. All the selected candidates of Grade A Central Services and All India Services in the CSE are invited to join foundation course. There after, candidates of various services go to their respective Academies. For example, IFS go to Foreign Services Institute in New Delhi and IRS(IT) to NADT, Nagpur etc. The IAS stay back at LBSNAA.

  2. Bharat Darshan: For IAS, lasts for about 45–50 days spanning the entire country. It is essential part of the training as we meet various district administrations over the course of this as well.

  3. Phase I: This is held from Feb-May and consists of core training for IAS.

  4. District Training: In May, IAS get their respective postings in districts and head there to work as Assistant Collectors. This lasts for 10–11 months.

  5. Phase 2: After 11 months, IAS come back from the respective districts and and another 2 months of core training at Mussoorie is held.

  6. Assistant Secretary: After Phase 2, all the officer trainees are posted in New Delhi with different Ministries as Assistant Secretaries. Here they get exposed to the workings of the Central government and Central-State coordination.

  7. Confirmation: On successful completion of all this, we get confirmed by the President of India.