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20 Jan 2020

Crack and Win Indian Civil Services Exams

District Training

  • IAS trainees go through one year of district training which is like a drill to enable them to see, study and live the paradox that is the quintessential India- with its unfathomable diversity, myriad challenges and opportunities.

  • District training also gives a wide range of opportunity to study the administrative set-up, interact with people, their representatives and officials in order to understand the paradigm of development as well as the effectiveness of strategies.

Phase 2 of IAS Training
  • In the second phase, the officer trainees are provided with a platform to share individual learning experiences gained in the field and enables them to articulate the strengths and weaknesses of our administration and governance.

  • This phase emphasises in the interactive learning method and it is supplemented with special sessions with distinguished experts from within and outside the Government.

  • The penultimate phase of training serves as a vibrant learning ground before the Officer Trainees (OTs) launch their career in public service.

A typical day for an Officer Trainee at the LBANAA Academy

A typical day of an IAS officer trainee (OT) at the academy starts at 6 am with morning exercise drill for 60 minutes and then the riding schedule operates simultaneously. The IAS officer trainee classroom sessions which consist of 5 to 6 academic sessions of 55 minutes each on all working days commence at 9 am.

Evening hours are mostly dedicated to the sports, riding and cultural activities which are mostly less about learning and more of a having leisure time. The rest of the evening and night time is spent in interacting with the fellow trainees and preparing for the next day academic sessions.

The Academy places a strong emphasis on outdoor events as part of its dynamic training curriculum.  All weekends and notified holidays are usually reserved for extra-curricular activities such as community services, adventure sports, rock climbing, paragliding, river rafting, short treks, etc.  The importance of physical and mental fitness in leading a life of health, vitality and peace needs no reiteration. It is all the more critical for those who have a hectic and often tension-filled career.