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You can become designers government policies, become visionaries in leading the nation to be among the comity of nations and above all help the masses to come out of poverty and lead a life of fulfillment. The authority that comes with the job enables you to carryout noble activities. Thus the job demands the best of the best to be a part of it.

Other than this, among the members of your community, you being part of civil services means a matter of pride and prestige.

Making it possible for you to become a part of Indian Civil Services is Vedha Institute for CA and Civil Service Studies Pvt Ltd. Through our unique teaching methodologies and experienced subject experts we bring the dream of becoming a civil servant within the reach of an aspirant.

We constantly strive to keep up with the pace of changes in the civil services examination and modify our teaching accordingly. It is our endeavour to provide quality coaching to the aspirants.

We are equipped with international standard classrooms , embedded with  quality infrastructure and cordial staff, we guarantee comprehensive coaching for the aspirants.

If you are looking for Best Civil Service coaching in Kerala , look no further. We are here,  Vedha Institute for CA and Civil Service Studies Pvt Ltd, we shall deliver and we shall see you successful. Come join us , have a look on our highlights are ;

  • We cover the entire syllabus of competitive exam coaching
  •  Our batches can’t exceed more than a certain number 30 students  so individual attention is getting.
  •  We do provide all the details of upcoming UPSC exams to students according to their tastes and guide , counsel them for each exams accordingly.
  •  we do provide complete study materials including stationary items required for daily class room use and  their practice too .
  •  We do have a good Virtual/ library facility with cool reading room for our students having more than hundreds of latest books of competitive exams and equipped with news channels embedded television facility along with internet connection.
  • Our Academic Premises are Wi-Fi enabled, Trained and eminent mentors for every batches.
  • Our institute is centered with the beliefs that success lies on having dare that s why we are looking for the students who are passionate and dare to acquire success. Individual caring and quality teaching is the trademark of the institution.
  • We would like you to inform that making money has never been the academy s priorities ever since it came into existence, but to serve the poor, deserving candidates and backward class by helping them to achieve their goal by providing them with huge concessions in the fees.
  • Keeping the above traits as the criteria, we always strive to improve and follow our system of guidance in the best possible manner that it would bring out the best in a candidate so that he/she could compete successfully in civil services examination.

Come and join at Vedha , Sign out with your dream job !

To conclude that the  fruit of strenuous efforts, Vedha Institute of CA and Civil Service Studies  Pvt Ltd. is  an academic institution imparting quality education in excellent automated coaching Management Systems for  UPSC and other Competitive Exam Training  courses, CA-CMA-CS Examinations Training too. Our intention  is based on the needs of our  students, and to this end we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that they get the very best opportunities to prepare for their future career/dream job .It is one of the flourishing Civil Service and CA Institute in South India , located in the lap of nature at beautiful  Chalakudy River, and very near to NH 544 and near to  Crescent Public School , just five  minutes’ drive away from Chalakudy KSRTC / PRIVATE bus station- Ten minutes from RAILWAY STATION.

Why Vedha ?

“Not all dreamers are winners, but all winners are dreamers. Your dream is the key to your future. The Bible says that, "without a vision (dream), a people perish." You need a dream, if you're going to succeed in anything you do.” ― Mark Gorman Millions of the aspirants dreams to be an IAS/IPS officer but only the most talented and finest aspirants qualify India’s toughest exam and become an IAS/IPS Officer. Indian Administrative Services is the branch of Indian civil services.So if you want to achieve success and want your dream of becoming an IAS/IPSOfficer and serve for the nation ,you need to set your goal and build your strategy in order to achieve your goal.So here we can suggest you how you can build your strategy in order to achieve your desired goal, proper planning and preparation with the support of best study materials and genuine guidance from the experts together would make you different from other aspirants ,and this would together help you reach the success line and achieve your goal. In-order to find-out the best IAS/IPS Coaching to support your preparation for Civil Services examination.After reading this you will be able to find out the best Coaching for your Civil Services Exam Preparation in your city. How IAS/IPS coaching s are Helpful in Civil Services Examination Preparation? When you Join any IAS/IPS Coaching Center, you get a step ahead into the right supervision from experts who guide you in the best to help you Crack the IAS/IPS Examination, as the UPSC Civil Services Examination is considered India’s toughest examination. IAS/IPS Coaching Centers Improve maintain the Momentum for IAS/IPS Preparation on the Basis of various Activities in the IAS/IPS Classroom Courses like Regular Lectures, Mock Tests, Counselling, General Affairs discussion and much more. When you attend the Regular Classes conducted by the IAS/IPS Coaching Institutes which Causes your Interaction with the Similar Mindset people having same Goal to Crack the IAS/IPS Examination. This Gives the Encouragement and you realize the competition level which you have to face and move a step ahead to achieve your Goal. Information you must Check , Which would help you select the best Coaching in your locality. 1. Track record of the coaching- To know the track record of the coaching is necessary if you are going to join it for IAS preparation and for this information you can check the detailed information about the institute where you would find all necessary information related to past results,faculties information, reviews and much more regarding the institute you want to esquire about. 2.Location of the coaching- Location is also the most important fact, the location of the coaching center must be at your nearby or should be accessible via different modes of public transport. 3. Batch strength- Batch Strength is also a main point just because if the no of students will be more in the class then the teacher can not give you individual attention,and clear doubts individually. So always ask them about the standard of the student per batch. 4.Faculty Information- Faculties are the backbone of any coaching center. So always inquire about the faculties in the institute their qualification and teaching experience. 5.The motivational environment- The environment of the coaching center always must be motivational. because without motivation its tough to crack the IAS/IPS exam. And every great teacher always motivates his students.And also the environment of the coaching center should be student-friendly. 6.Fee- Fee for the coaching of the IAS/IPS is very high so always see the fee structure of the coaching institute and ask them about the installments and about some concessions if you will submit the whole fee in one time. 7. Study material- Study material is also an important part of coaching like faculty, so ask them about it. study material should be prepared by expert professionals and revised timely according to the pattern of the IAS/IPS exam. 8. Mock test facility- Mock test is also necessary for the preparation and to judge yourself where you are now and what are your weak points. so the mock test facility must be there on a regular basis. 9. Never go on brand name- many of the coaching centers are big brand nowadays and they have many more centers in all over India so its not possible to have the same faculty and all other things same as they have on their No. 1 center so check all the things before you join. 10. Extra CLASS FACILITY- Some of the coaching centers are providing this facility and some are not, but the extra classes are always important. these classes should be based on some new tips and tricks by the experts and on some other important topics. 11. Infra Facilities - You may have to check whether they are providing Simulated Test Series for a real Exam environment, Tests within real time frame, academic surroundings whether noisy due to traffic or factories etc.. * ULTIMATE ANSWER IS VEDHA INSTITUTE FOR CIVIL SERVICE AND STUDIES PVT LTD.* CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS


Fully A C Class rooms UIPBS for all Classes

Air conditioning benefits everyone. Not only does it help concentration and more, but it can save on energy bills too Many schools worry about the transition into using air conditioning because of the cost but schools can run affordable air conditioning. Air Quality – Air conditioning creates better air quality in the classroom. It filters the air and clears toxins from the environment. This gives students and staff better health. Not only that but students have shown that the cleaner the air the better their grade. Air conditioning can help some allergies to.

Smart-Tech Labs for Simulated Tests

Smart boards have all these information in memory and can be presented during the time of class lectures and thus, the time saved can be used in more important things. Mock exams can be used as a way of getting students to feel comfortable receiving feedback, which paves the way for further improvement and learning. Simulated Tests in smart class rooms , if framed right, can be incredibly beneficial for students. Helping them to see that is part of the challenge. They can help students to start revising early, to practise effective revision strategies, to improve their knowledge, to familiarise themselves with pressure, and act as a guide moving forward.

VEDHA-Trained Faculties

To make them integrate more technology onto their teaching: a recent survey states that more the technology used in teaching more the innovative & creative the student becomes. But it is not very easy to integrate technology onto our traditional teaching methodology. And with the emergence of interdisciplinary field like robotics, internet of things & automation technologies, it will be extremely difficult to teach them through conventional teaching methodologies. More than the physical change, faculties should have a mental shift to usage of latest technologies in their teaching. Attending faculty development programs will introduce them to a newer way of learning, innovative methodology of teaching.

Proper Guidance and Mentorship

Breeding the next generation of leaders Not many are born leaders. It’s a skill that has to be refined and developed over time just like any other. Leadership opportunities can be sparse in the corporate environment. It’s too late to evaluate a person’s leadership capabilities once they’ve been promoted into a management role. Mentorship helps build great leaders. 75 percent of executives credited mentorship as a driving force in helping them reach their position. Through mentoring, seasoned employees can develop their leadership skills in a low-risk environment. Senior-level managers can help guide mentors and polish their approach with their mentees, helping the mentor become more effective. Opportunity to give back and share knowledge Like building a Habitat house or devoting time to volunteer as a Big Brother or Sister, helping others feels good. You are lending your time and experience to help someone reach a greater level of fulfillment in their career. Watching someone’s confidence take hold is a very gratifying thing and being a stepping stone to their success is something to take pride in. It’s hard to put a price tag on that feeling, but mentors have to have an element of that altruistic drive for it to be effective. Mentorship requires carving out time and energy from one’s busy schedule. Mentors have to internally feel the value in what they are doing in order to maintain the motivation to keep doing it. Develop personal skills and provide guidance on professional growth Mentors are great at providing perspective that can often be difficult to see. While one may be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they may not know how to properly nurture those talents or how to eliminate their shortcomings. These could be stunting their career advancement without them even realizing it. In addition to helping fulfill their potential, mentors can also provide invaluable advice and perspective on everything from daily challenges to career shaping advice. A good mentor fleshes out options and attempts to bring to light things that may have been overlooked. At other times, mentors can serve as a great sounding board, allowing their mentee to put a second set of eyes on a difficult situation.

Virtual Online web access Library

Information is a vital element for any type of development. But, nowadays, information is increasingly growing up by leaps and bounds. In the perspective of knowledge proliferation, person who need to collect information is not possible easily for him. For removing this problems, Internet contributes a lots way in library and information center. The impacts of internet on library and information services are as follows: In our Premises we have embedded with most advanced virtual library as well as physical library and online web access system too for our students and faculties too.. Technical Processing: Internet provides access to publisher’s catalogues and OPACs of large libraries. OPACs have become a popular source of bibliography and cataloguing information through Internet. Libraries can scan these catalogues and download bibliographic data. The catalogue for new books can be prepared on the day of acquisition itself. Internet also offers access to Dewey summaries for classification. Collection Development: Librarian can have easy and quick access to the suppliers of books, journals and electronic publications through Internet. Large number of selection tools like Book in Print, Booksellers Catalogues etc. are now available on the Internet. These sources help in the selection of right and latest books for libraries. Internet has made the whole acquisition process much faster, cheaper and easier for libraries. Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, IBS Bookshop Co., UK, D.K. Agencies are the most popular and largest online bookshop. Inter-Library Loan: Internet is a helpful media in inter-library loan transactions. Internet contains bibliographic databases and online catalogues of a number of libraries. These sources enable libraries to find out the availability of a document in other libraries. E-mail has become fast and cheap communication tool for libraries to send or receive ILL requests. Libraries can make use of e-mail to provide effective inter-library loan and document delivery services to users. Reference Service: Now a large number of reference sources like, encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals, handbooks, directories, yearbooks, atlases, maps etc. are available on the Internet. These sources enable libraries to provide prompt and efficient reference services to the users. Online sources ensure current facts and faster delivery for information products and services to users. Information Services Libraries can provide specialized information services, such as CAS, SDI to specific user groups. For this purpose, library will maintain a user profile. Libraries regularly scan relevant databases, websites, and latest journals and retrieves relevant information suiting to the interests of the users, and communicate through e-mail. Information Retrieval: Online information retrieval is one of the speediest to get the required information. The main advantages of using online Library- information retrieval are;

24 Hours/ 365 Days Support Desk for our UPSC Aspirants

We do Provide 24 H/365 D support for our students.. if they wish to have more mental support for their puzzles we are, a call away . Aptitude Tests- There are many students who know from a young age what they would want to become. Then there is the majority that might not have clarity as to what career path they would like to pursue and in this confusion they might adhere to their parent’s directions or follow the crowd and opt for conventional career courses which they might not be cut out for. In order to achieve that clarity and also be aware of our potentials, talents and capabilities, it might be beneficial to seek the guidance of a career counselor or take aptitude tests. This would aid in the decision making process for a fruitful career. Recreational Activities– Students should have a structured schedule that helps them study smartly. The schedule should incorporate short breaks so that students get the time to indulge in recreational activities to rejuvenate themselves Support System – Having a strong support system helps to weather the stress that one faces while preparing for examinations. When we know that we are being encouraged and appreciated by our parents, friends and mentors then it gives us that additional boost and motivation to work harder towards achieving our dreams. Change in Perspective– We need to remember that at the end of the day it’s just exams, not the end of the world and the success of an individual should not solely be judged on the parameter of securing a seat in top tier institutions. There are several examples of people who followed unconventional paths and followed their passions instead of following the herd. Palash Sen, the founder of Euphoria studied medicine and received an M.B.B.S. degree but he pursued his dreams and is now a renowned musician. Bill Gates & Steve Jobs were not considered conventionally good students, neither were Albert Einstein or Thomas Alva Edison but they are considered geniuses and masters in their field. Ambition, focus & dedication are admirable traits that help a person make a mark for himself/herself but when channelized in a misguided direction then it can become a slippery slope. Every person is born with unique talents and capabilities that need to be celebrated and not allowed to be sidelined due to unrealistic expectations, lack of direction or competition.

Eminent and Experienced Mentors

Mentoring Similarly with mentoring benefits can be significant at various levels For mentees: Provides impartial advice and encouragement outside of immediate line management Develops a longer term supportive relationship Assists with problem solving especially around leadership or career development Improves self-confidence Offers professional development Encourages reflection on practice For mentors: Opportunity to reflect on own mentoring approaches Enhances job satisfaction Develops professional internal and external relationships Enhances peer recognition It uses your accrued experience, making it available to a new person Develops your understanding of the organisation and the way it works Enables you to practice and enhance your interpersonal skills It provides personal satisfaction through supporting the development of others

Acoustically Designed Class rooms

Good acoustics in classrooms will: help students and teachers concentrate make the teacher’s voice easily reach all students make sure that, in group assignments, speech will not spread and disturb others Listening in Noise We all know how hard it is to understand speech in noisy situations. A conversation in a noisy restaurant, construction noise outside of our office window, a loud air conditioner, any one of these conditions leaves an adult straining to hear. Adults are experienced and skillful in listening in noise, but it’s a much harder task for your child, whose listening and language skills are not yet well developed. There is no question that children with hearing loss experience the greatest challenges in acoustically inappropriate classrooms; quiet rooms allow them to use hearing aids and cochlear implants far more effectively. But research shows that all children will benefit from classrooms with low background noise and short reverberation times. Even children with hearing in normal ranges can miss as much as one-third of the words in a teacher’s message when they are listening in noise. To understand what they are being told, they need to have voice volumes that are noticeably louder than the background noise in the room. If the room is too noisy, even the most expert teacher will have difficulty achieving sufficient loudness for good understanding. Our Kids ( Future Indian Citizens ) at risk. Good acoustics – quiet learning spaces – are especially important for young children, for those whose home language is not English, for kids who have learning disabilities and those with speech impairments, and for children with temporary (because of colds and earaches) and permanent hearing loss. If you add up the numbers, as many as one-third of the children in your elementary school may be doubly disadvantaged by excessive noise and reverberation in their classrooms – noise that most adults wouldn’t identify as a possible cause of educational delay and failure.

Online/Offline Class sessions for CS & CA Batches

Online education : It can be addressed by many other terms. For instance, virtual education, internet-based education, web-based education, and education via computer-mediated communication. From this, it becomes pretty clear that online education means imparting education through the help of technology like computers and the internet. Unlike offline courses, Education through online courses was not used earlier. Now, it has become common for students to opt for online education. Online education means that the teacher and the student are not in face to face contact. It is not a classroom in which the student studies in, but a virtual one in which only the teacher is visible through their screen on the laptop or computer. Offline courses : Offline Classes have been a part of our education system for as long as we can remember. Arjuna received his education from Dronacharya. Years and years later, we still use one to one interaction between teachers and students. One goes to a proper school or college or institute to receive an education. The emergence of online education cannot degrade the importance of offline education.



HOD- Civil Services Dept


Sr.Faculty Gr.I

Sr.Faculty Gr.I




Excellence: Excellence can only be achieved when we compete with ourselves and strive to be better than our previous performances. Hence, we are in a state of constant competition with ourselves and strive for excellence in the all-inclusive performance of the institutional functioning. Accountability: We believe that the overall amelioration of the institute is the result of our individual as well as collective actions. Hence, we strive for continuous evaluation and improvement by establishing, demonstrating and communicating clearly defined objectives, and fiscal and social responsibilities. Ethics and Integrity: Respect for one another, honesty, and ethical behaviour helps to build positive and healthy relationships among one another, encourage participation and involvement at all levels. Thus ethics and integrity are fundamental to all our associations and activities. Teamwork: We believe in working as a team which creates a cordial environment to exchange ideas and where every member is valued, respected, encouraged to contribute and recognized/rewarded for their efforts. Partnership with the community: We believe that whatever we achieve is also because of the collective effort of various people supporting us directly or indirectly in our journey. Thus, partnering with our community by sharing knowledge and ideas, donating resources and providing aid in times of need is our way of being grateful for all the support we have received. Environmental Care: We are committed to practicing greener technologies and environmentally responsible strategies by way of optimum utilization of resources, natural resource conservation and energy conservation.

  • Excellenceetc
  • Accountabilityetc
  • Ethics and Integrityetc
  • Teamworketc
  • Partnership with the communityetc
  • Environmental careetc


1. To develop faculty and resources so as to disseminate strong theoretical and practical knowledge among the students and enrich society. 2. To encourage and to develop the potential of innovative ideas. 3. To develop leadership qualities, communication skills and organizational skills for effective teamwork. 4. To teach the importance of values and ethics and to motivate the students to nurture those so as to become worthy citizens.


To be a center of academic excellence and to instill values and ethics in students. We believe that our students are not just pupils; they are scholars. With that in mind, we intend on moving forward.




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